Are you looking for any special experience? How about our original Yuzu Gin?

TOSHIRO'S BAR 〝YUZU GIN〟I am making it now.

Toshiro's BAR トシローズバーさんの投稿 2018年12月7日金曜日

Hmmmmm, it smells soooooooo nice. It’s highly recommended if you are looking for anything.

【Gin】 Ferdgnand’s saar 5th anniversary

Today’s new bottle is Ferdgnand’s saar 5th anniversary, from Germany. The botanicals of this gin are red vinyard peach, lemon verbena and organic harb.

It would be the best at straight. There are only 3000 bottles in the world, and approximately only 300 bottles imported into Japan.

Are you curious what TOSHIRO’S BAR feel like? See the video and feel it!


Toshiro's BAR トシローズバーさんの投稿 2018年12月3日月曜日

After watching this video, just drop by TOSHIRO’S BAR on the 2nd floor of J-Sekka (at the intersection of Seico Mart). No reservation required. We are looking forward to seeing you anytime.