【Single Malt】GLENMORANGIE “SPIOS” Private Edition NO.9, Fully Matured In American EX-RYE Cask

Private Edition NO.9
Fully Matured In American EX-RYE Cask

Here comes “Private Edition NO.9” which is limited series released by GLENMORANGIE once a year.

“SPIOS” means spice in Gaelic, this whisky is the first ever to be fully matured in American ex-rye cask and must attract you with its spiciness and elegant.

【Japanese Whisky】THE ESSENCE of SUNTORY

We successfully obtained 3 limited bottles from SUNTORY, THE ESSENCE of SUNTORY.

They are only available at a tasting set of 3 whiskies with half (15ml) each so that as many as whisky fans can enjoy them.

Distilled in 2005 Bottled in 2018
49% ALC.

Distilled in 2012 Bottled in 2018
57% ALC.

Distilled in 2001 Bottled in 2018
49% ALC.

【Introduction of popular cocktail】TOSHIRO’S BAR “OLD FASHIONED”

Here is one of our popular cocktails, OLD FASHIONED.

We craft it with homemade bitters syrup, Abbott bitter, homemade dry orange, and burning finishing with orange peel. Our homemade bitters syrup makes OLD FASHIONED special that you can never taste at any other bars.

Twist cocktail is also popular, which is crafted with RON ZACAPA instead of Rye whisky ✌︎(‘ω’✌︎ )