【Japanese Whisky】Single Malt Miyagikyo 2019 and Single Malt Yoichi 2019


Finally they arrived in Niseko! 700 bottles in all over Japan and it is said there are only 20 bottles out of them in Hokkaido. That is Miyagikyo 50th anniversary limited bottle!!

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【Japanese Whisky】THE ESSENCE of SUNTORY WHISKY series


Introducing some New Arrivals! THE ESSENCE of SUNTORY WHISKY series<YAMAZAKI DISTILLERY SPANISH OAK><YAMAZAKI DISTILLERY REFILL SHERRY CASK><YAMAZAKI DISTILLERY MONTILLA WINE CASK> Are you interested in them? These whiskies are limited. Hurry, hurry, hurry! 🥃They are not sold at stores, available only at bars/restaurants, please do not miss them out. 🍸

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【Gin】 Ferdgnand’s saar 5th anniversary


Today’s new bottle is Ferdgnand’s saar 5th anniversary, from Germany. The botanicals of this gin are red vinyard peach, lemon verbena and organic harb. It would be the best at straight. There are only 3000 bottles in the world, and approximately only 300 bottles imported into Japan.

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【Single Malt】GLENMORANGIE “SPIOS” Private Edition NO.9, Fully Matured In American EX-RYE Cask


GLENMORANGIE “SPIOS” Private Edition NO.9 Fully Matured In American EX-RYE Cask Here comes “Private Edition NO.9” which is limited series released by GLENMORANGIE once a year. “SPIOS” means spice in Gaelic, this whisky is the first ever to be fully matured in American ex-rye cask and must attract you with its spiciness and elegant.

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【Japanese Whisky】THE ESSENCE of SUNTORY


We successfully obtained 3 limited bottles from SUNTORY, THE ESSENCE of SUNTORY. They are only available at a tasting set of 3 whiskies with half (15ml) each so that as many as whisky fans can enjoy them. ●YAMAZAKI PEATED MALT Distilled in 2005 Bottled in 2018 49% ALC. ●HAKUSHU RYE TYPE Distilled in 2012 Bottled … Continue reading 【Japanese Whisky】THE ESSENCE of SUNTORY

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【Japanese Whisky】THE AKKESHI Single Malt


THE AKKESHI Single Malt We managed to get a few bottles ✌︎(‘ω’✌︎ ) This is from Hokkaido Akkeshi Distillery, which is located in east Hokkaido with abundant nature. Come try this new bottle.

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【BBR】DALMORE 9Y 2007 & ARDMORE 8Y 2008


New faces arrived today! 2 bottles from BBR Retro Label series. ●BBR DALMORE 9Y 2007 ●BBR ARDMORE 8Y 2008 In particular, BBR ARDMORE 8Y 2008 is very rare one that is matured in an emplty barrel of Islay Malt (Laphroaig).

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【Japanese Whisky】MOON GLOW 10Y from Wakatsuru brewery


Now we are glad to announce that we have MOON GLOW 10Y First Release in the stock. This whisky is from Wakatsuru brewery in Toyama and awarded the category under 12 years of Best Japanese Blended Limited Release at World Whisky Award 2018. How does it taste like? Why don’t you coming to try!

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