【Resort News】The resort officially announced its opening date for 2018-19 season on November 23 (scheduled)

Those who can hardly wait for the holiday in Niseko, here is a great news!

The snow season at Niseko Mountain Resort Grand HIRAFU is scheduled to open on November 23, 2018.

<2018-19 Snow Season>
Open:November 23, 2018
Close:May 6, 2019

<Night Skiing>
Open:December 11, 2018
Close:March 20, 2019

See LINK for more information of the resort.

The business schedule of TOSHIRO’S BAR for 2018-19 season will be announced here or our official Facebook shortly. Please be patient.

TOSHIRO’S BAR’s New Cocktail – “Tingling Penicillin” with a twist

Let us introduce our new cocktail. Have you tried “Penicillin” which is getting popular in bars?

We, TOSHIRO’S BAR, craft it with a twist adding Sichuan pepper, smoked pepper and smoked salt. The name is “Tingling Penicillin”.

Scotch whisky, lemon juice, homemade ginger syrup, smoked pepper, smoked salt, and smoke at last using a smoking gun to put a spell on yours.

In the video shot at TOSHIRO’S BAR -LOUNGE-, sister bar of TOSHIRO’S BAR, you will see the “Tingling Penicillin” is about to be smoked with a gun. Once we craft it, the whole bar fills up with the rich aroma of the smoke.

“Tingling Penicillin” will be served only at TOSHIRO’S BAR in winter. Why not having our new cocktail for your night in Niseko?